Though google,tata, ntro employees enjoying sex and money bribes are repeating lies like parrots since 2010, the fact is that harmless hardworking women domain investors are brutally exploited by ntro, raw, cbi so that the fraud top officials can get lucrative raw/cbi jobs for goan sex workers, cheater housewives offering bribes and their mediocre inexperienced relatives with the stolen resume of the domain investor

Bank records, income tax returns will legally and easily prove the fact, however the indian internet sector, is like zoya arora in the colors serial bepanah, who is not willing to accept that her husband was a selfish cheater, similarly the indian internet sector does not accept the fact that top officials like puneet, j srinivasan, vijay are shameless liars and cheaters
So when this fact was mentioned in a review, the website coordinating the review asked the website owner to remove the following content

Most of the successful doctors talk about the importance of working hard to become a success, unlike the indian internet sector, where top jobs in raw/cbi are reserved for lazy greedy goan sex workers, cheater housewives and other frauds with fake resume, fake investment , fake online work while hardworking investors are ruthlessly exploited and forced to work like slaves, get nothing so that top officials enjoy bribes, get jobs for their relatives with stolen resumes.

So a hardworking person should choose their career accordingly, in the medical field, a hardworking person will at least be recognized for the time, effort and expertise the doctor has, while in the indian internet sector, companies like google, tata behave extremely cheaply, dishonestly to acquire talent and technology cheaply refusing to recognizing hard working investor, preferring to pamper, reward lazy greedy call girls, frauds with no experience, as online experts

Since the website is making an effort sending the book for review, the domain investor will remove the content, however the same content will remain elsewhere