Since 2010, the online services sector is controlled completely by google, tata , they can block the payment for almost any indian paypal account holder, with their fake defamatory stories, so however much the paypal account holder may try, may work for long hours, the payment will be blocked and there is almost nothing the indian paypal account holder can do about it, causing great losses.
Google, tata can decrease the revenues of online service providers in India to a very great extent, which the domain investor experienced in 2014-2015 when she did not register, develop domains, websites, focussed on services, to find her payment blocked repeatedly, leads, orders stolen.
On the other hand, registering and selling domain names is a very risky business, it is difficult to make a profit, if the person is not well connected and has no leverage. So most of the text link selling companies will pay the domain investor as promised as it is difficult to find people who will take the risk of investing money in domain names, developing them for the extremely low revenues.
Google, tata find it difficult to persuade the text link companies to block the payment as the text link companies do not find it simple to get alternatives. Since google, tata are unable to block the payment from text link companies, they are instead harassing harmless domain investors in India, treating worse than criminals (as Atul Kumar justified on Quora), falsely claiming that it affects the reputation of india
there are millions of websites online , why is the indian government interfering in the business of a private citizen, when chinese, japanese, indonesians can develop, websites in any way they wish, why are indians not allowed to do so.