One of the favorite strategies of NTRO, cbi, google, tata employees to cause losses to the google competitor is to make the google competitor spend a lot of time posting on a website, and then when the person is close to payout, they are disabling the account , so that both the time and money of the google competitor is wasted. Another method to waste time is to steal all the leads and orders, when the google competitor does some marketing trying to increase online revenues.
So though they want to benefit from having an experienced person, they also are extremely vicious and dishonest in blocking payment like in the case of the fraud beermoney forum , so that the google competitor does not make any money.
After being cheated by the sex starved fraud ntro employees especially the shivalli brahmin frauds associated with cheater R&AW employee housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar repeatedly for years , the google competitor has decided to only post on her own websites which the section 420 fraud MISERLY google, tata, ntro, cbi, raw employees will never purchase paying the MARKET PRICE as they are miserly dishonest animal like RISK AVERSE CHEATERS, LIARS with no morals, humanity and honesty