Though the section 420 fraud google,tata, cbi, R&AW employees falsely claim that their employees own the website and the paypal account of private citizen, domain investor to waste indian tax payer money on paying a salary to these fraud women, in reality no indian intelligence or other agency is helping the real domain investor in any way, after stealing her resume, investment, correspondence.
Only the turkish are having some pity on the harmless domain investor who is being brutally exploited by the indian government, R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence agencies and are placing electronic cigarette ads on the website of the domain investor , to help her financially in a small way.
Only when the indian government is not exploiting harmless citizens, it will never be respected worldwide, and countries like turkey are acknowledging the fact that the cunning fraud ntro employee puneet who is fond of electronic cigarettes is responsible for a major online, domain name fraud.
It is time that the indian government, ntro stop making fake claims about ownership of websites while smoking electronic cigarettes