In one of the most evil online frauds , large companies allegedly google, tata have masterminded the art of stealing the resume/identity of harmless paypal account holders, domain investors to acquire talent and technology cheaply, and also control the all powerful indian intelligence and security agencies, appointing their associates to top indian intelligence jobs with fake resume, fake investment, fake work. The systematic resume theft fraud consists of
– slandering the harmless paypal account holder
– stealing the retirement savings so that the paypal account holder cannot fight a legal battle
– stealing the resume
– torturing the person, making it difficult to do any work
– stealing the correspondence, blocking payment, closing the account

Most paypal account holders will suffer great financial losses, and will apply for a job , allowing these companies to acquire talent and technology at a very low rate, far below the market price. NTRO employees freelancing for google, tata are also stealing the impressive resume of the paypal account holder for the mediocre lazy greedy inexperienced fraud relatives, sex partners and friends of top officials , so these top officials will be extremely grateful to google, tata for the monthly government salary, which their mediocre lazy greedy relatives, sex partners and friends would never have otherwise got

So the resume theft racket is very lucrative for the large it companies allegedly google, tata, however the biggest loser is the paypal account holder who is targetted , the indian tax payer and india as a country as some of the fraud victims are complaining online and offline.