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The photo of the woman above decked in jewellery highlights the fact that most indian women invest most of their money in jewelry. The financial system especially banking sector is largely controlled by regressive officials who do not recognize a woman's right to her hard earned money, making fake allegations against single women without any proof at all, to steal her hard earned money, resume and subject her to identity theft by manipulating government records. These officials can manipulate banking and other financial records remotely, however it is more difficult to steal the jewellery which will be stashed in multiple lockers

Today with increase in computerization and advances in technology it is possible for officials to track every financial transaction of an indian citizen linked to the PAN, and steal the identity of the person. As a result, people are keeping less money in the bank, and withdrawing the money as cash to invest in options which are not easily tracked, yet can be liquidated relatively easily. Investment in jewelry cannot be easily tracked as the person may gift the jewelry to someone else and there is no record being maintained. Indian intelligence and security agencies are rewarding women who invest their money in gold and jewelry, while abusing their powers to make fake allegations without proof, against women who invest their money in banks,mutual funds and other pan related investment, labelling them a security threat

The indian intelligence and security agencies especially cbi do not realize that a person who has invested in gold can also liquidate the money to raise money quickly, Due to harassment and atrocities of indian intelligence and security agencies, most indian women are investing a large amount of money in jewellery. the jewellers are making a lot of profit and can afford to advertise extensively especially offline in newspapers and television. For the local television channels most of the advertisers are jewelry companies

Some of the more high profile jewellery and gold loan brands, advertising extensively, are :